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Our Philosophy

Human capital is the most valuable resource for most companies, yet we do not allow the time and the financial investment to cultivate it. Many people have elevated themselves to various levels of management by being self-reliant. They have successfully navigated corporate life based on instincts and past experiences, but the methods and skills that have worked in the past do not always translate to success at the next level. Careers hit plateaus, and great leaders feel stuck. Executive coaching and leadership development are the best ways to break through these barriers.

We believe in, and foster a power link between, the development of people through coaching and the profitability of business. By unlocking the best in your leaders, your organization will experience improvement in all parts of the business that these leaders affect. .

We have a diverse set of coaches with extensive experience working and coaching in global organizations. We invite you to learn more about our processes and successes across a wide range of individual and organizational situations.

See What Our Clients Have to Say

“Shemmer Executive Coaching’s unique, no nonsense style brings laser like focus to the key issues of leadership and provides a framework for those brave enough to engage in the deep introspection required to truly grow as a leader.”

- CFO, Mining Fortune 500 Company

“I walked away from our coaching engagement with new skills in my toolbox, a renewed sense of self-confidence in my capabilities, and new ways to approach and overcome challenges in the workplace on my own.”

- Head of Marketing, Mid-Size Software Company

“After the engagement with Shemmer Executive Coaching, I now  have rich conversations with my colleague instead of battles of opinion. I would NEVER have reached this outcome without it and I highly recommend their Leadership Coaching. Not only am I a better Leader, I’m a better person”

- Global Project Manager, Fortune 25 Most Important Private Companies

Our Services

Executive Coaching

It is lonely at the top. Coaching provides the process structure and safe space for executives to work on their own development, which helps the whole organization.

Leadership Development

Feeling skeptical about your transition plans? Help your internal candidates build the command skills necessary for the next level.


Want your new hires to hit the ground running? Coaching can help them hit the ground running with their new responsibilities, relationships, and required skills to excel.

Personal & Career Branding

What do you want to be when you grow up? Coaching can help people in your organization figure out their career plans instead of just finding a job at the next pay grade.

Conflict Management

Egos getting in the way of the collective good? Coaching can foster a new perspective of looking for win-win opportunities

Communication Styles

Have high performers who have difficulty communicating? Coaching can help them strategically consider the target audience while also overcoming public speaking fears.